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我們需要你的幫助 - we need your help.

We need the participation of Mandarin-Chinese speakers to help our Covid-19 test kits obtain FDA authorization in Taiwan.

The test experience you want. The speed and accuracy you need.

new york city, ny

Interested in participating?

我們是一家診斷公司,旨在創建一種準確、快速、易於使用的分子新冠病毒-19 檢測,我 們正在招募能够幫助我們的檢測試劑盒獲得 FDA 準予的個人。測試將在 90 分鐘內提供現場結果。

我們將向每位前來參加新考試的合格志願者贈送 150 美元的亞馬遜禮品卡。是的,各位!

We’re a diagnostics company aiming to create an accurate, fast, and easy-to-use molecular Covid-19 test, and we’re recruiting individuals who can help our test kits reach FDA approval.

The test will provide results on site in 90 minutes. We’re giving away $150 Amazon Gift Cards to every qualifying volunteer who comes to take a new test. Yes, everyone!

For Investigational Use Only.